Beauty Plan, intended for the beauty sector, is a modern and updated magazine, capable of responding to the real needs of professional operators, who are looking for a useful and practical tool, in order to provide a scientific and rigorous approach.
Sabina Rosso
CDA – Air-conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration. Operating on the Italian market for over 50 years, the magazine has been recently revamped both in graphics and content. Since 2011 CDA is official magazine of Assistal, the Italian association of HVAC installers. Technical articles cover design, commissioning, operations and maintenance of building systems, including air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration, thermal insulation, water treatment and energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings. Market reports and industry news complement case histories and applications articles.
Alessia Varalda
Finally something that tickles the beautiful.
Something just aesthetic. Aesthetics recalls the first theoretical category of the spirit, gives rise to art as well as the fantastic knowledge of the individual, and is a pleasure based on the legitimate aspiration of every individual to wellness. Welfare and the enlightened pleasures of life are precisely the focus of Feeling Good. We want to use sensitivity and harmony as an ideal condition towards which the world should aim, in order to rediscover the joy of living that lies the soul of each individual and allows them to improve. We want to take the responsibility and the commitment to transmit a positive vision of life. Aesthetics idealizes nature, generates fashion stereotypes, decides who is "in" and who is "out" in the collective imagination of the global network. Design determines the success of a smartphone, sets the budget of a car manufacturer, and fosters the economic rise of a country. It influences the choice of stars in Hollywood. Aesthetics, sensitivity and art shape the gestures that surround us in every day’s life. A good tweet can be considered aesthetic, and so can be a tasty pizza, a good movie, a flowered balcony, or a romantic weekend. Love is aesthetic. Expo is aesthetic. A shared speech of a head of state is aesthetic, and so is the word of Pope Francis. A piece of art embodies feelings, contemplated and converted into a set of images; a painting by Frida Kahlo is aesthetic, a soft and comfortable sofa is aesthetic. A nice haircut is aesthetic, an Elliott Erwitt picture is cosmetic, a facial cream or a scarlet lipstick are aesthetic; a scientific discovery that contributes to the advancement of knowledge, the Higgs boson, the "god particle" by Fabiola Gianotti is aesthetic. That's why we are excited to identify and report whatever may be exciting and is food for the spirit, contagiously involving everyone in this extraordinary endeavor.
Sabina Rosso
ICP - Rivista dell’Industria Chimica is the reference magazine for the decision makers of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and process engineering in Italy. Readers include plant managers, procurement, maintenance managers and plant engineers engaged in the process industry (Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Power…). Founded in 1973, ICP has reached a leading position in technical press for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and it is the influential B2B magazine that puts in contact customers and suppliers, reporting all aspects of an industry that is experiencing a steady technological progress, i.e. process industry. ICP has reached its leadership thanks to the broad range of topics it deals with and the exhaustive information it provides to its readers in its technical and market articles. The magazine is the Official Body of AIDIC, Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Chimica (Italian Association of Chemical Engineering).
Alessandro Gobbi
“IO CARROZZIERE”, the magazine dedicated to the automotive field and in particular to body shop workers, wants to constitute a reference point for all the people involved in the area, so that they can better grasp the trends of the wide world of car-repair and the issues related to technical and management updates, as well as to ever-changing laws. Our goal is to give an information and sharing tool that, thanks to a constant exchange with Authorities, Associations and Companies, fosters the development of a specific culture and offers to all the car-repairers, with no exceptions, new comparison cues that are both interesting and of high impact. These will suggested by a professional team composed of authors with more than ten years of experience in this field, in addition to insurance and law experts.
Fabrizio Ferrarini
Tel. 02 92955253
L’Installatore Italiano is the historical magazine dedicated to advanced building systems. The magazine, the official organ of Assital, has been the reference point for installation companies for 66 years, offering a complete view of the dynamics and the developments of this sector. L’Installatore Italiano proposes normative updates, surveys, latest news, in-depth analysis of themes concerning HVAC systems, heating and sanitary technology, home & building automation, renewable resources, plumbing, water treatments renewable resources and wiring systems. Reports on leading events, product display cases, columns on technical tips and industry standards are the main contributors to the content of the magazine.
Valentina Gavarini
A bimonthly magazine, Nail Expert addresses nail technicians and estheticians to report, in collaboration with renowned industry experts, trend setters and nail artists, whatever is new and interesting from a professional point of view.
Sabina Rosso
A family magazine that gives voice directly to the protagonists of the global scene with the direct involvement of the biggest names in show business, who are happy to be featured on the pages of ORA. Unquestionably the most popular magazine, ORA is distributed by all newsagents.
For 20 years, ShowRoom Edilizia&Serramenti has been the voice of fixture and frame retailers. From today, it will also speak for the building industry and the world of design.
Olga Munini

About us

Adwin srl is a young and dynamic publishing reality that carries the tradition of nine journals strongly rooted in their compartments of reference:
• Beauty Plan
• CDA-condizionamento dell’aria, riscaldamento, refrigerazione
• Felling Good
• ICP Rivista dell’Industria Chimica
• IO Carrozziere
• L’Installatore Italiano
• Nail Expert
• Show Room Edilizia&Serramenti
Based on decades of experience, these journals continue to be valuable information tools that provide current contents of interest, thanks to a continuous exchange with authorities, associations and companies within their respective areas of expertise.
The Adwin team bases its daily work on the belief that communicating technical themes of high quality with a simple and universally comprehensible language is an added value for both readers and advertisers.
Moreover, in order to constantly provide updates in a timely and faster way, Adwin offers innovative web communication services in addition to printed versions.
For the various journals, tablet and smartphone APPs are indeed available, together with dedicated web sites and blogs. Our proposal for advertisers and readers focuses on the ability to download extra digital content such as video and audio files, photo galleries, web site and e-mail links, and much more.

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